Commercial Roofing Contractor – Ypsilanti, MI

When you need a trusted commercial roofing contractor in Ypsilanti, MI or the surrounding areas, you can count on the roofing professionals at Incore Restoration Group to get things handled quickly and effectively. For years, we’ve been bringing our neighbors quality roofing services and solutions among our many other contracting services and we look forward to showing you why we continue to be the team to call on. Don’t fear a roof in need, put it in the hands of our skilled professionals and know you’ll soon have a roof you can rely on during any season here in Southeast Michigan!

At Incore Restoration Group, we’re more than honored to be a leading roofing contractor in the area and we have worked hard to be here. Our unmatched customer service and commitment to quality are just a few of the reasons our customers keep calling on us whenever they have a roof in need. With a full list of services and roofers that are trained and knowledgeable with all types of commercial roofing systems, we’re sure we can help you have a roof you can know can keep things protected once again. Reach out today at (866) 685 – 0009 and make sure your roof is ready to keep you dry and protected all season long!

Custom Tailored Services

With our team handling the needs of your roof, you can be sure our roofers will custom tailor our services and solutions to better suit the requirements of your individual roof. Because all roofing systems and buildings are unique, it’s important to make sure the work being completed is done specifically for that roof and that’s a guarantee anytime you call on us! We know a one-size fits all approach is a dangerous one with such a major investment, we’ll work to find out what your roof needs right away and we’ll get to work getting it what it needs!

Call Today

Don’t stress when you need a new commercial roofing contractor in the Ypsilanti, MI area, Incore Restoration Group is the team to call. We have a complete list of budget friendly, dependable roofing services and we’re here to help bring your roof back to life! Give us a call today at (866) 685 – 0009.

Commercial Roofing Companies – Ypsilanti, MI

Incore Restoration Group continues to bring the people of Ypsilanti, MI quality commercial roofing services, we’re honored to be leading the way for commercial roofing companies in Southeast Michigan and we know our team of roofing professionals can help keep you confident in the condition of your roof, no matter the time of year! Whether it’s our long, snowy winters or our hot, stormy summers, our beautiful state has seasons that continually test our roofs. Don’t worry about whether yours can pass the test or not, know it’s always ready with our team working for you! Give our team a call today at (866) 685 – 0009 and schedule your roof for an inspection, we’ll make sure no issues have the chance to sit and cause larger problems!

Repairs and More!

As a full-service roofing company, we’re fully equipped and prepared to handle all your commercial roofing needs with ease. Whether you’ve been dealing with a troublesome leak that just seems like it won’t go away or if you need your roof restored with a fresh roof coating, our team is ready to make sure your roof is ready for whatever mother nature brings our way here in Michigan. We live here for a reason, don’t let the weather keep you bothered about your roof!

Emergency Services

As a full-service restoration group, we know the importance of keeping any damage to a minimum on your property. This is just one of the reasons we offer emergency roofing services! Anytime, and we do mean anytime, you call on us, we’ll respond to your needs quickly and make sure any damage is secured properly. Keeping the damage from spreading is important yes, ensuring you can still say safe and protected is also ideal and it’s why we’re always here for you!

Reach Out Today

When you’re searching through commercial roofing companies in the Ypsilanti, MI area, don’t pass over Incore Restoration Group. Doing a little research will pay off greatly, we’ve got what you and your roof need to stay worry free and get the job done right! Reach out today at (866) 685 – 0009.

Single-Ply Roofing, Canton MI

Incore Restoration Group is a full-service commercial roofing and disaster remediation contractor serving residents, business owners, and property managers in and near Canton, MI. As the premier provider of single-ply roofing services for Michigan, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality roofing solutions for flat and low-sloping roofs.

If you think your single-ply roof may need attention or if you are considering upgrading your commercial roof to a new single-ply roofing system, give the professionals at Incore Restoration Group a call today at (866) 685-0009. One of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate or make an appointment for a site visit.

Comprehensive Single-Ply Roofing Services For Michigan

Incore Restoration Group is your one-stop shop for all your single-ply roofing needs. Our services include the following:

  • FREE single-ply roof inspections
  • Single-ply roof repair
  • Customizable single-ply roof maintenance contracts
  • Single-ply roof restoration
  • Single-ply roof coatings
  • Single-ply roof replacement/re-covering
  • Single-ply roof installation
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • And more!

Single-Ply Roofing Advantages

If your single-ply roof needs to be replaced, of if you’re considering installing a single-ply roof, Incore carries single-ply membranes from the best manufacturers in the industry:

  • EPDM roofing systems from Carlisle SynTec, Versico Roofing Systems, and Johns Manville
  • TPO roofing systems from Carlisle SynTec, Versico Roofing Systems, and Johns Manville, GAF, and Siplast
  • PVC roofing systems from Carlisle SynTec, Versico Roofing Systems, and Johns Manville, GAF, Siplast, Duro-Last, and Conklin Roofing Systems

Whatever type of single-ply roofing you choose to install, you can expect to benefit from a variety of advantages inherent to single-ply systems:

1) Easy installation

Because single-ply membranes are composed of a single layer of material, they are relatively easy to transport, handle, and install. That means you have a new roof on faster than other systems.

2) Lower labor costs

Because they’re so easy to install, you can save big on costs of labor.

3) Superior durability

In general, single-ply membranes are extremely sturdy. They are highly resistant to the deteriorating effects of wind, hail, rain, chemicals (ozone, ultraviolet light, oils, etc.), and other elements.

4) Low maintenance

Most single-ply systems require little maintenance beyond bi-annual inspections and regular cleanings to remove dirt and debris.

5) Long lasting

On average, most single-ply systems last 20 years or longer, with proper maintenance.

Call Incore Today!

When you hire Incore Restoration Group to take care of your single-ply commercial roofing system, you are working with the best. We will bring a highly trained, professional team to the table, so you can rest easy, knowing you’re getting the best in single-ply roofing services anywhere in Michigan. Call today for all your single-ply needs in Canton or the surrounding areas! (866) 685-0009

Mold Remediation, Livonia MI

If your home or business has been infiltrated by water, it’s highly likely you have mold or will soon. Mold can spread through a space in as little as 48 hours if the conditions are right and  if enough moisture is present, this produces allergens and causes occupants to experience irritation to airways and other adverse health effects. For those in Livonia, MI, we’re here to help with our complete mold remediation services.

If you suspect you may have mold in your residential or commercial building, call the experts at Incore Restoration Group. We are Michigan’s mold remediation and disaster response specialists, with certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. We can inspect your property and take the appropriate measures to eliminate it, if needed. Call us today at (866) 685-0009.

Michigan’s Mold Removal Specialists

Incore Restoration Group is dedicated to responding immediately when you contact us. We can be reached 24 hours a day at (866) 685-0009. If you believe you may have mold in your building, you can count on a fast response from us. Studies show that when a mold problem is addressed quickly, far less problems arise including less widespread damage and lower labor and materials costs.

Incore’s mold remediation specialists are highly trained in the discovery, diagnosis, and treatment of water damage and mold. We use advanced techniques and equipment to get your space back to being mold-free. You can count on us to safely handle any mold situation. Our credentialed mold specialists include:

  • IICRC-certified water restoration specialists
  • Applied structural drying specialist
  • Applied microbial remediation specialist
  • Fire and smoke remediation specialist (mold often accompanies water damage after a structure fire)

Mold Remediation Process

When you hire Incore Restoration Group to solve your mold problem, you can be sure of a comprehensive, but efficient, process, from start to finish:

1) The experts at Incore will begin by carefully inspecting your property for visible and hidden mold. We use a variety of approaches and technology to detect mold.

2) Once we’ve tracked down the mold, we stop its spread with various containment procedures – negative air chambers, physical barriers, etc. all help stop mold spores from traveling. HVAC systems will be turned off to prevent the spread of the spores.

3) Incore will clean the air by using special HEPA vacuums and other tools, which will remove mold spores from the air.

4) Depending on what surfaces the mold has adhered to, our professional mold remediation specialists will use a variety of tools to eliminate mold and stop new mold growth. This may involve removing mold-infested materials (drywall, insulation, carpet, etc.).

5) Some items may be able to be cleaned, rather than disposed of. Incore has special equipment that can sanitize your belongings, from furniture to clothing, and remove musty odors.

6) We repair the damaged areas. As a full-service commercial contractor, Incore Restoration Group can handle a wide variety of structural repairs, from roofing to interiors.

Call Incore Restoration Today!

For no-hassle mold inspections and complete mold remediation services in Livonia, MI, call Incore Restoration Group today at (866) 685-0009. You can count on us to respond and restore your home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Commercial Roofing Services, Canton MI

Located in Canton, Michigan, and in need of an expert commercial roofer who you can trust? Look no further than Incore Restoration Group. Incore is Michigan’s premier commercial roofing contractor, specializing in the installation and repair of all types of commercial roofing systems and we have an extensive list of services readily available to ensure you always have a roof you can count on!

At Incore Restoration, our exceptional customer experience all comes down to 3 things:

  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Efficient, effective roofing solutions
  • Value-based roofing services

Our highly skilled team of roofing technicians can handle any of your commercial roofing needs – big or small. Call us today to get started with a free consultation or estimate – 866-685-0009.

Quality Commercial Roofing Work

One of the things that sets Incore Restoration Group apart from the competition is our superior craftsmanship. The team at Incore is committed to bringing you the very best in roofing solutions and we do that in a few ways:

  • We use only premium quality materials from recognized industry leaders such as Duro-Last, North Coast Roofing Systems, Conklin Roofing Systems, and more.
  • Our roofers aren’t unskilled day laborers – rather, we employ highly skilled roofing technicians who are up-to-date on factory training, certifications, and the latest industry technology and applications.
  • Incore Restoration is a licensed, insured company. That means we are authorized and qualified to do the work we do, and you can be sure we know everything there is to know about commercial roofing.

Timely Service

When your commercial roof needs to be repaired, restored, or replaced, you need it done quickly but also done the right way. At Incore, we’re all about working efficiently to bring you roofing solutions that will stand the test of time.

1) We don’t outsource our projects to subcontractors. We handle your roofing project from start to finish. We’ve found that this streamlines the process, eases communication, and reduces confusion.

2) We provide a detailed timeline for every project we complete. This helps keep our customers informed and us accountable.

3) Ask us about our 1-day installation offering. 

Quality At The Right Price

At Incore Restoration Group, we believe value refers to how much something is worth, not just how much it costs. We strive to provide roofing services whose value far outweighs their dollar amount. We do that by providing our customers with roof repairs and roofing products that outperform all others on the market.

Our goal is to stand out as a vendor that adds value to roofing experience by always providing a range of superior offerings to choose from at a variety of price points. If you have any questions, please call us at 866-685-0009. We bring our neighbors in Canton, MI trusted commercial roofing services that will keep you confident in the condition of your roof!

Flat Roof Replacement, Dearborn, MI

If a flat roof replacement is looming, there are many options to choose from when replacing your flat roof. The experts at Incore Restoration Group can evaluate your building, location, and unique situation to help guide you to the best option for your new roof. We work to help your roof in Dearborn, MI succeed and choosing the best for your needs is one way to make that happen! Some of your quality options include:

1) PVC: PVC is a strong, durable, single-ply roofing system that is welded together with hot air. It’s very resistant to ultraviolet light and chemicals.

2) EPDM or Rubber: Rubber roofs are another popular single-ply choice for flat roofs – they’re durable and extremely cost effective.

3) TPO: This single-ply system lands somewhere between PVC and EPDM. It’s extremely energy efficient and about as durable as PVC.

4) Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen is a mix of asphalt and fabric layers like fiberglass. It’s a very durable, weather-resistant roofing system, with torch-welded seams.

5) Built-Up (BUR): Built-up consists of layers of tar and gravel. It’s heavy, but effective.

6) Metal: Metal is a beautiful option for flat roofs, with a proven track record of longevity. Newer metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be coated for added resistance to hail and rust.

How Do I Know When To Replace?

Determining when to continue with repairs versus when to replace your commercial flat roof can be a tough call to make. At Incore Restoration Group, we strive to ease the stress associated with that decision by helping you evaluate your roof so you can make an informed choice.

All roofs will need repair at one point or another, but a professional roofer can inspect your roof and accurately diagnose its issues. If your roof has adequate insulation and the membrane is still performing well and under warranty, repair is probably the way to go. However, any of the following issues may indicate it’s time to replace:

  • Alligatoring: If your roof is exhibiting a network of splits and cracks across the membrane, even widespread repairs might not be enough, and you should consider a roof replacement.
  • Separated roof panels: If your flat roof membrane is made of fastened or welded together seams, they have a tendency to come apart over time.
  • Widespread damage: If more than 25% of your roof needs to be repaired, it might be better to replace.
  • Damaged insulation: If moisture has soaked through and damaged the roof system’s insulation layer, the best option is to remove the roof and replace the insulation and membrane.
  • Age: If your commercial flat roof has exceeded its service life and is no longer under warranty or able to warranty, it can become a money pit as issues pop up.

Superior Roof Replacement Customer Service

At Incore Restoration Group, we don’t just offer the best workmanship with premium products – we also work hard to provide the best customer experience during roof replacement projects. Here are just a few of the ways we try to make your flat roof replacement go smoothly:

  • 1-day installation: In many cases, we can install your new roof in 24 hours or less, so you can get back to business as usual!
  • Project financing: Incore offers project financing, to ease the financial burden of replacing your flat roof.
  • Customer communication: Incore keeps a project manager on-site during roof replacement jobs, to keep you abreast of all project progress and any changes.

Having a roofer you can trust to help you make the decision to repair or replace your flat roof can put your mind at ease and save you money. Contact Incore Restoration Group today at (866) 685-0009 to get started. Trust your flat roof replacement to Incore and know your roof in Dearborn, MI will be set up for long term success!

Roof Inspection, Dearborn, MI

Finding a roofing company that you trust to do a good job inspecting, assessing, evaluating, and diagnosing your commercial or industrial roof can seem an insurmountable task. But if you live in Dearborn, MI, or the surrounding areas, the solution is simple – call Incore Restoration Group today at (866) 685-0009.

Incore Restoration Group is Michigan’s premier provider of commercial roof inspections. We offer free, no-obligation commercial roof inspections. Once you meet us and see the time and effort we put into every customer’s roof we inspect, we believe you will want to use us for all your commercial roofing needs!

Comprehensive Roof Inspections In Michigan

The roofers at Incore take the time to carefully go over every inch of your roof to give you an accurate, precise report on its condition and any existing or prospective issues. Our in-depth roof inspections include:

  • Research to determine if there are active warranties on the roof.
  • Examination of existing building records, to get an accurate view of building layout.
  • Interviews with building occupants, to uncover known problems.
  • Inspection of roof interior for signs of rot, rust, water, structural defects, etc.
  • Rooftop inspection to look for debris, standing water, wear and tear, etc.
  • Evaluation of roof perimeter and roof field.
  • Assessment of roof accessories and roof components for stability and condition.

Following inspection, we will present you with a report of all findings, along with several options for treatment, designed to meet a range of budgets.

Meet Our Haag-Certified Commercial Roofing Inspector, Bill Rouston

In the roofing industry, certification by Haag is a prestigious designation. Incore Restoration Group is proud to employ Bill Rouston as our in-house Haag-certified commercial roofing inspector.

While many roofing professionals may claim factory training or certification by various groups and associations, earning Haag certification requires strict adherence to quality standards and superb grasp of roofing requirements. Haag-certified commercial roofing contractors must complete several pre-requisites before being accepted to the certification program. They then go through an intensive 3-day course of training by industry-leading engineers with a combined 300 years of roofing experience and expertise. Following training, they must pass an exam that covers all the topics covered:

  • All types of commercial roofs: metal, built-up, modified bitumen, single-ply (PVC, TPO, EPDM – rubber), spray polyurethane foam, vegetated.
  • Roof inspection procedure and safety
  • Damage testing methods (field and lab)
  • Repair vs. replace analysis
  • Roof area calculations
  • Hail patterns and thresholds of damage
  • Low-slope roofing components
  • Basic wind characteristics
  • Hail formation and characteristics
  • And much more!

Haag-certified commercial roof inspectors must re-certify annually by passing a test that shows they have retained their knowledge.

When you hire Incore Restoration Group to inspect your commercial roof, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with our Haag-certified inspector! Call us today at (866) 685-0009 to get started. Proudly serving the Dearborn, MI area.

Water Restoration Ypsilanti, MI

Incore Restoration Group is a 24-hour disaster response company that provides relief in all kinds of disasters in Ypsilanti, MI. Water damage is common in a disaster, whether it’s a burst pipe, heavy storm, or flood. If you are looking to get your property back to its former condition, reach out to us at 866-685-0009 for superior water restoration services.

Water Removal & Dehumidification

When property is damaged by water, fixing the cause of the problem is one thing, while dealing with the water damage is another. At Incore Restoration Group, we do both. We’ll repair the cause of the problem, whether it’s a roof leak, a burst pipe, etc. Plus, we’ll remove any water from the property and dehumidify the area to prevent more damage.

When we arrive on the scene, the first thing that we do is see if there is anything that can be done to stop the water from spreading. This includes security board-ups and tarping. Once this is done, we can get on with the repair and restoration services.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a common symptom of a water issue. When there is a leak or poor ventilation, mold can develop and cause damage quickly. If you notice that mold is present or has started to form, you can reach out to Incore Restoration Group for mold remediation services.

24-Hour Emergency Response

A lot of water emergencies happen in the dead of night. That’s why the Incore Restoration Group team is always ready to be on the scene. We’ll get to your property quickly to secure the area and prevent as much damage as possible.

We have seen a huge variety of water disasters. There isn’t much that can surprise our team anymore, and they know the best way to go about each situation. With Incore Restoration Group, your water restoration project will go smoothly, as will your insurance claims since we will be accurately recording the damage we find along the way.

Call Us Today!

Need water restoration professionals as soon as possible? If your property is in Ypsilanti, MI, the water restoration experts at Incore Restoration Group are prepared to help. We offer around the clock water restoration services — just call 866-685-0009 to get started!

Water Damage Repair Ypsilanti, MI

In need of some help from disaster response specialists in Ypsilanti, MI? If your property has been damaged by water, you can give the Incore Restoration Group experts a call at 866-685-0009 for a high-quality water damage repair. We offer claims assistance, expert craftsmanship, low prices, and timely services!

Cleaning Services

Whenever water gets into a home or building, there can be a big mess to clean up. Water can get into carpets, hardwood, drapes, blinds, documents, clothing, and more. Our cleaning services include water extraction, deodorization, and dehumidification. We have the tools, team, and experience to help restore your property back to its pre-water damage condition!

Experienced Roofing Specialists

Many water damage emergencies are caused by roof problems. For example, if a tree falls through a roof, water will be pouring in and causing extensive damage. While the interior water damage needs to be dealt with, so does the roof issue! At Incore Restoration Group, we are a team of disaster response contractors as well as roofing specialists!

Fast & Effective Services

When a home or building is hit by a water disaster such as a burst pipe, flood, or heavily leaking roof, it’s important to reach out to disaster response contractors as soon as possible. We make it a top priority to get out to people quickly. That’s always why our line is open for calls and responds 24/7!

Water Damage Experts

As a team made up of roofing specialists and disaster response specialists, dealing with water damage is nothing new. No matter the cause of the problem, we’ll be on the scene soon after you call to stop the source of the problem and begin repairing your property. If possible, we will also sort out ways to prevent something like this from reoccurring.

Call Us Today!

In order to prevent as much damage as possible, call Incore Restoration Group at 866-685-0009 immediately after a disaster strikes. This will give our team the chance to act quickly to limit the spread of damage, whether it be due to water, fire, or a fallen tree. The people of Ypsilanti, MI can count on us for a quality water damage repair and much more!

Rubber Roof Repair Taylor, MI

Whenever a rubber roof has a problem, it should be addressed as soon as possible. At Incore Restoration Group, we get out to clients quickly so that we can prevent damage from spreading further. If you have a commercial building that needs a rubber roof repair in Taylor, MI, call us today at 866-685-0009.

Roof Inspections

Having your rubber roof inspected on a regular basis can lead to significant savings in both time and money! With the craftsmen at Incore Restoration Group checking in on the condition of your commercial roof, it will receive timely services that will help extend its lifespan. At Incore Restoration Group, we are comfortable tailoring roofing solutions so that they are more effective at improving the condition of our clients’ roofs.

About Rubber Roofs

Rubber roofs have been extremely common on commercial buildings for decades. The roofers at Incore have found and fixed many different types of rubber roof issues. People continue to choose this type of commercial roof because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. Rubber roofs are laid out in large strips, resulting in roofs that have fewer seams. With minimal seams, there are less opportunities for a roof to develop roof leaks.

A Full-Service Roofing Company

It can be challenging to determine the right service for a commercial roof before it is inspected. Incore Restoration Group has qualified craftsmen who can handle any kind of commercial roofing service. This makes it more convenient to work with us, since you can be sure that we are capable of delivering a wide range of solutions.

With an emphasis on customer service, the Incore team has every roofing project running smoothly. We like to be on the same page as our clients so that we can deliver complete satisfaction each time we are called upon! The people of Southeast Michigan can always depend on us for first class craftsmanship and timely assistance.

Call Us Today!

Incore Restoration Group has consistently delivered exceptional project results for many years now. We continue to build our reputation in Taylor, MI and look forward to the opportunity to help more people save on their commercial roofs! To speak with an expert, just call 866-685-0009.