Single-Ply Roofing – Madison Heights, MI

Single-ply roofing options are highly popular choices for commercial and industrial buildings across the country, but they are an especially wise choice for buildings in Madison Heights, MI and the surrounding areas because they hold up well against the weather we see here. At Incore Restoration Group, we offer our expert services for all kinds of single-ply roofing options and we will get yours taken care of today! Give us a call at (866) 685 – 0009.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

With the many different kinds of single-ply roofing available, it’s no surprise to us that most of our customers have quite a few questions about their options. Our knowledgeable roofers will make sure all your questions are answered, we will help you choose the right kind of single-ply roof that will work well for your building and your budget. The three main kinds are EPDM (rubber), TPO, and PVC. Each of these has its own unique benefits while also sharing some because they are all made up of a single membrane.

Rubber roofs are the most economical choice and do best with a roof coating to make them more energy efficient. Both TPO and PVC roofs are great energy efficient choices and are very resistant to chemicals. All three options are highly durable and when installed and maintained properly, could last for decades. To get the full scoop on all of these single-ply roofing options, give us a call today and we will get you all the information you need to make the right choice.

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Whether you have questions about what kind of single-ply roof you should get installed on your building, or if your current single-ply roof needs work, you can count on the team at Incore Restoration Group. We are the leading commercial roofing company in the Madison Heights, MI area and we’re ready to handle all your single-ply roofing needs today. No matter the kind of single-ply roof you have, now is a great time to have it inspected to guarantee it will protect you and your building all winter long. Reach out to us at (866) 685 – 0009.