Mold Removal Troy, MI

Mold can make its mark quickly in a home or commercial building. If you have a mold issue in Troy, MI, Incore Restoration Group can help. We offer mold removal and remediation services to clients in this area. Just call (866) 685-0009 to find out more about us.

Permanent Mold Removal

There are some problems that you can leave in the background for a while and get around to them when you have a chance. Mold, however, is not one of them. When you notice mold starting to form on your property, it is most likely only going to continue to get worse unless you hire someone to find the source of the problem. Incore Restoration Group will not only remove the mold but also address the cause of the mold so that it does not return.

Mold Causes

When you see mold popping up, it’s due to excess moisture within your home, building, or roof. This can be cause by poor ventilation, a roof leak, a leaking pipe, and more. Whatever is causing this excess moisture, we’ll get to the bottom of things quickly. Many of our guys are IICRC certified in water restoration, applied structural drying, and applied microbial remediation.

Mold Dangers

Mold holds moisture which means that anything that mold is on has a chance of rotting. Plus, mold can easily stain an area. Both things require costly repair and restoration services. That’s why you are always better off calling Incore Restoration Group to deal with your mold issue as soon as you can.

Not only does mold pose a risk to your property as well as the possessions within, but mold is also potentially harmful to the people within your home or building. Some types of mold can cause or worsen serious health problems. This adds even more of an incentive to get mold looked at by true experts like the ones at Incore.

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The guys are Incore Restoration Group are true mold removal veterans. We’ve been hired to deal with mold issues of all magnitudes and always get the job done right. To get your mold problem taken care of in Troy, MI, give us a call at (866) 685-0009.