Roof Coating – Romulus, MI

Roof Coating – Romulus, MI 1

Roof coatings, also known as roof restorations, continue to grow in popularity throughout the country. At Incore Restoration Group, it’s no surprise to us as we’ve been delivering flawless roof coating services for years and know the many benefits they have to offer for all types of commercial roofing systems! If your roof isn’t very old, but it seems like it needs a little help to get back to peak performing condition, call the professionals at Incore Restoration Group and we’ll make sure your roof gets professionally inspected to see if a roof coating is a good option! Most commercial roofs are excellent candidates for roof coatings, they can help to extend the life of your current roof by years! Roof coatings are an especially great option for roofs here in the Romulus, MI area as their flexibility and durability are great for our everchanging temperatures. They can expand and contract making the chances of tears and cracks less likely. If you’d like to learn more about your roof coating options, reach out to our team today at (866) 685 – 0009 and we’ll make sure you have all the details you need!

Roof Coating Benefits

Roof Coating – Romulus, MI 2

Roof coatings really are an incredible roofing service. Not only are they cost-effective to begin with, but they can actually help to lower your energy costs as well as they are highly reflective, and they can bounce back up to 85% of the sun’s powerful UV rays. Far more affordable and much less hassle than a roof replacement, roof coatings offer you many of the same great benefits but at a fraction of the cost! Did we mention the watertight protection they provide? This peace of mind is good to have all year long, when water can’t find its way in, you can go about your daily routine without worry! Get the full list of benefits today, we’re just a phone call away!

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If you’re wondering if your commercial roof is a good candidate for a roof coating, call the team at Incore Restoration Group today to schedule an inspection! Roof coatings can help lengthen the life of your roof meaning you can truly get the most from your investment! We provide building owners and property managers with superior roof restoration services in Romulus, MI and we look forward to helping you get more from your roof! Call today at (866) 685 – 0009.