Flat Roof Repair – West Bloomfield, MI

Flat roofs continue to be a common choice for commercial or industrial buildings as they offer many great advantages however, due to their lack of slope, they can be more prone to certain issues if they aren’t regularly maintained. At Incore Restoration Group, our professional roofing technicians are trained in all types of flat roofing systems and will make sure any flat roof repair or service needs you have, are handled appropriately from the start. We know what to look for when assessing your building’s flat roof and we’ll make sure any issues are caught and resolved right away. If you have a building with a roof in need in West Bloomfield, MI or the surrounding areas, call Incore Restoration Group today at (866) 685 – 0009.

Restore It!

While flat roofs can be more susceptible to certain issues, the main one being ponding water, they are also great options for roof restoration. Roof restorations don’t have to be a one-time thing, when done by the right team and at the right time, commercial roofs can often be restored time and time again to help you truly maximize your roof’s lifespan! At Incore Restoration Group, we fully believe in helping our customers get the most from their roof and investment and roof restorations continue to be a popular roofing service we both recommend and utilize!

Roof restorations, also known as roof coatings, are a far more cost-effective alternative to roof replacements and they deliver many of the same great advantages! We use Conklin® roofing products for our roof restoration services and we’re proud to say these continue to be a leading choice on the market after decades of proving their incredible durability. Know your flat roof can always keep things protected properly when you put it in the hands of the roofing professionals at Incore Restoration Group.

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Know your flat roof repair will be resolved completely when you have Incore Restoration Group working for you. For building owners and more in West Bloomfield, MI, we’ll help you have the confidence you deserve knowing your roof is ready for any season. Reach out today at (866) 685 – 0009.