Water Restoration Dearborn, MI

Incore Restoration Group is the leading emergency disaster contractor for clients in Dearborn, MI. When your home or building has been hit with damage from wind, fire, fallen trees, floods, etc., you can call us at (866)-685-0009. One of the main services that we provide is water restoration. The sooner you call us, the more we can limit the damage.

24/7 Emergency Disaster Response

At Incore, we understand that time is everything when it comes to disaster response. You can call us around the clock and we’ll be over to you as soon as possible. We’ll evaluate the situation when we arrive and take efficient steps to secure your property quickly. This may include tarping, boarding up, and other ways to reinforce and secure your building.

The first 24 hours after a disaster occurs are the most important. Incore Restoration Group is known for timely responses which is key to limiting the extent of the damage. You’d be surprised at how our cost-effective restorations can bring your building and belongings back to their original state. After we stabilize the environment, we’ll begin the restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration

When your home or building has been hit with a storm, flood, or any other type of water disaster, Incore Restoration Group should be the first number you call. We specialize in water damage restoration. Our team has years of experience at effectively restoring a water-damaged home or building.

If you want the integrity of your building and possessions to be restored, we’re your best bet. Incore will be over to the site soon after you call to begin stabilizing the situation, cleaning up debris, and starting the content restoration process. All the while we’ll be recording an estimate for your insurance company to make sure that you won’t be paying out of pocket. From there, the reconstruction of your home or building can begin.

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Incore Restoration Group is Southeast Michigan’s premier emergency disaster contractor. Clients in Dearborn, MI can call us for water restoration and other types of restoration services. Contact us at (866)-685-0009 and we’ll be out to evaluate the situation as fast as possible.