Water Damage Repair Livonia, MI

When a storm, flood, or some other kind of water disaster hits your property, Incore Restoration Group is ready to help. We provide water damage repairs for clients in Livonia, MI. We’re one of the top emergency response companies in all of the Midwest. When your property experiences water damage, give us a call at (866)-685-0009.

24/7 Response

Incore is ready to help clients with whatever it is they need whenever it is that they need it. We’re available 24/7 for timely emergency response services. The first thing we do is secure the environment to put an end to the damage. From there, we can begin the repair and restoration process so that we can get your property back to the way it was.

You can trust us to clean up all the debris and reinforce your structure with boards, tarps, and more. Throughout the process, we take detailed notes and photos of the damage so that everything that was exposed to the disaster is covered by your insurance. The first couple of hours after water damage occurs are the most important. That’s why the sooner you call us, the better.

Water, Flood, and Storm Damage Repairs

When water damage strikes your property, we’ll be over as soon as possible to help fix up your structure(s) and possessions. The team at Incore takes the right steps in the proper order in order to maximize the chance of saving your assets. We’ll record an accurate estimate for your insurance company, so you don’t need to cover the costs from your own wallet.

Incore offers water damage repairs as well as water damage restoration. Whether it be a flood, a burst pipe, etc., water can cause serious harm. Our team is known for fixing and restoring damage that had at first glance seemed irreversible.

Call Us Today!

We help clients across Michigan with all kinds of emergency response services. If you’re in Livonia, MI and you are in need of a water damage repair, call us as soon as possible at  (866)-685-0009. We’ll be on the scene quickly to help. The team at Incore Restoration Group looks forward to helping out more local clients.