Water Damage Repair Dearborn, MI

If your home or building has been hit by a storm, flood, or some other type of water disaster, Incore Restoration Group is the top emergency response contractor around. We handle water damage repairs along with other types of disaster restoration services for clients in Dearborn, MI. Call us at (866)-685-0009 and we’ll be over to you shortly after.

24/7 Response

Incore is prepared to help clients out 24/7 by having an always-ready emergency response team. When disaster strikes, we should be the first call you make. We’ll come by and secure the environment so that no more damage can occur. We may reinforce your structure using tarps, boards, etc. From there, we’ll clean up all the debris and get going on the restoration and repair process.

The first few hours after a disaster occurs are the most crucial when it comes to restoring your property and possessions. At Incore, we rush over to the scene as soon as possible to efficiently minimize the damage. While we take all the necessary steps, we’ll also be recording an accurate estimate for your insurance company to ensure that you won’t be paying out of pocket for any of the damage.

Storm, Flood, And Water Damage Restoration

Whether it’s caused by a storm, flood, or a burst pipe, water can cause massive damage to your property and the belongings within. Our team at Incore are experts at dealing with water damage. Even when the damage seems irreversible, our qualified team has what it takes to restore just about anything.

Other Services

Incore Restoration Group offers a variety of services to clients around Southeast Michigan. On top of the services mentioned above, we also offer fire, smoke, and tree damage restoration. We deal with all types of roofing reconstruction and repairs as well as mold remediation. Finally, you can call us for electrical repairs, asbestos removal, and other general contracting services.

Call Us Today

Clients in Dearborn, MI can call us around the clock at (866)-685-0009 for water damage repairs. We’re the leading emergency response contractor in Michigan. We’ll be on the scene as quickly as possible to begin restoring your property and the contents within.