Single-Ply Roofing – Plymouth, MI

EPDM (rubber), TPO, and PVC are three of the more popular types of single-ply roofing options and at Incore Disaster Response Contractors & Roofing Specialists, we service, maintain, repair, and install all three of these. We highly recommend single-ply roofs to commercial and industrial building owners and property managers, especially in the Plymouth, MI area because they are durable and do great with the constant temperature changes we have here. To learn more about the many benefits single-ply roofs have to offer, give us a call at (866) 685 – 0009.

Different Benefits

When you are ready to have a new single-ply roof installed on your commercial or industrial building, we will help you make the right choice. They all have incredible benefits, and because they are all made up of a single membrane, they share quite a few of those benefits but there are also a few benefits unique to each kind. EPDM (rubber) has been around the longest and is the most economical choice. TPO and PVC are very similar but TPO is slightly more resistant to chemicals. All of these options are flexible and durable making them great choices for any commercial roof. They can all be made energy efficient with our highly reflective roof coatings as well.

Choosing a single-ply roof to protect your commercial building is a good call and when you choose Incore Disaster Response Contractors & Roofing Specialists to install and maintain it, you are making a wonderful investment choice. Our professionals will have your new roof installed perfectly and will keep it in prime condition for the entirety of its life so that it can protect your building and business for many years. 

Reach Out Today

Let Incore Disaster Response Contractors & Roofing Specialists be your go-to company for all your single-ply roofing needs in the Plymouth, MI area. As a full-service commercial roofing company, we can install and maintain your single-ply roof, no matter what kind it is. Regular maintenance will have your single-ply roof performing like it should for its long life and will prevent you from replacing it prematurely. Each kind of single-ply roof has many benefits and we’re ready to make sure you choose the right option for your building and budget. Reach out to us today at (866) 685 – 0009 and we will give you a free estimate for your new single-ply roof.