Rubber Roof Repair West Bloomfield, MI

Although rubber roofs often require far less maintenance than other types of commercial roofs, it still helps having a roofing company that you can rely on for regular roof inspections. If you have a leaking rubber roof in West Bloomfield, MI, you can count on the experts at Incore Restoration Group for a top-quality rubber roof repair. To get your rubber roof’s condition right, call us at (866) 685-0009.

Roof Leak Detection

Sorting out how and why your rubber roof is leaking is the first step towards repairing it! As soon as you recognize a problem with your rubber roof, reach out to the Incore team for a roof inspection. Our roofing specialists have years of roof leak detection experience and continue to set the bar high for other craftsmen in Michigan!

Rubber Roof Professionals

Our roofing technicians have been repairing, restoring, and replacing rubber roofs for years. They are extremely familiar with these kinds of roofs and are therefore qualified to deliver flawless solutions! After our team has inspected your rubber roof, we will figure out the best solution for your building!

Mold Experts

On top of standard roofing services, the team at Incore Restoration Group can help rid your rubber roof of any mold. This will help prevent mold from deteriorating the condition of your rubber roof and will have it looking and performing like new again! If you see that mold is growing on your roof, you can count on Incore for solutions!

Timely Repairs

Whenever a roof is leaking, getting a reliable roofing team on the job as quickly as possible should be a top priority. The people of Michigan can always depend on Incore Restoration Group for timely commercial roofing services! We will have your commercial roof in excellent condition once again — all you have to do is give us a call and set up a no-cost roof inspection!

Call Us Today!

When it is time to get your rubber roof fixed up, Incore Restoration Group is the company to call! You can reach our roofing team today at (866) 685-0009 for a rubber roof repair and more! We provide a complete list of roofing services to those in West Bloomfield, MI.