Rubber Roof Repair Commerce Township, MI

Finding a solid roofing company to take care of your rubber roof will help it last longer. Incore Restoration Group will deal with any existing issues on your rubber roof and will take steps to prevent new problems from forming. Contact our team at 866-685-0009 for a rubber roof repair and much more!

Roof Leak Detection

Incore Restoration Group keeps commercial roofs leak-free with thorough roof leak detection! If you would like your rubber roof to last as long as possible, choose our team to inspect your roof regularly. We will nip roof problems in the bud and provide any needed repairs or maintenance along the way.

Commercial Roofing Specialists

Our company regularly repairs commercial roofs. Since rubber roofs are highly common on commercial buildings, the Incore team has plenty of experience on these kinds of roof systems. We will check to see that your rubber roof is fit to last by paying close attention to the seams. Plus, we’ll deal with any tears, cracks, or punctures in the membrane and eliminate any ponding water.

Roof Cleanings

Flat or low-slope roofs are susceptible to accumulating debris and mold. These things can wind up causing trouble if they go too long without being dealt with. Incore Restoration Group provides commercial roof cleanings and we also offer mold remediation and removal services to the people of Southeast Michigan!

Other Services

You can basically look to Incore Restoration Group for any sort of roofing solution. We always do what we can to help the people of Southeast Michigan avoid having to replace their roofs prematurely. We keep roofs in better condition for longer with custom maintenance plans, thorough roof inspections, and timely roof coatings. The Incore team offers top quality commercial roofing services at low costs.

Call Us Today!

The roofing specialists at Incore Restoration Group are always ready to help the people of Commerce Township, MI with any of their roofing needs. We work on a lot of different types of commercial roofs and can be counted on for an effective rubber roof repair. Get in touch with us at 866-685-0009 to get our team over to take a look at your rubber roof.