Rubber Roof Repair Canton, Michigan

Rubber is an amazing thing. Historically it comes from the rain-forests, from a tree called Hevea brasiliensis.  Over time rubber has evolved, and now we use rubber as a commercial roofing substrate.  It is popular in Canton, Michigan because it is out-standing at repelling water and outlasting other options. Rubber offers many advantages including its superior longevity, ease of repairs, and affordability.  However, like all other roofing substrates, it does require routine and professional maintenance to ensure a long, successful life. When your Canton, Michigan rubber roof begins to leak or needs repairs, call Incore Restoration Group at 866-685-0009.

The timeless beauty and sense of tranquility that is associated with Canton, Michigan doesn’t just happen all by itself. We all do our part to keep our facilities looking the part and sometimes that means a roof repair might be needed.  Your industrial and commercial rubber roof deserves the quality workmanship Incore brings to all roofing projects. Call us today to schedule your free, professional roofing assessment.

Why Incore Restoration Group?

Who better to trust for your commercial rubber roofing needs than the team who will rush to be there for your facilities emergency repairs when Mother Nature’s unscheduled disasters strike? Incore works hard for you and your roof, to protect your investment through quality workmanship and the customer service you deserve.

Let yourself be worry free about your rubber roof once again. The team at Incore Restoration Group is comprised of highly trained technicians who will not only listen to you, but provide feedback on solutions that are viable for your unique needs.  We will take the time to address every issue your facility is facing and create a plan on how to get the most life out of your aging rubber roof. We will work diligently to provide a stress free experience.  We work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions to your business.  The Incore Restoration Group has solutions for any roofing needs you may have. Call our professional team now at 866-685-0009.  We will be happy to provide an inspection for your rubber roof repairs.  We look forward to earning your business.