Roof Inspection – Canton, MI


Call Incore Restoration Group, Wayne County’s roofing professionals to inspect your building’s first line of defense against the elements. You can reach Incore Restoration Group at 866-685-0009 to get your commercial, industrial and even residential roof inspection before a major issue turns much larger! We proudly serve Canton, MI and the surrounding areas.

Like everything that works so well, the people of Canton, Michigan don’t take much for granted. Nor should we the roofs over our heads. We would never take our own health for granted. Most of us go in once a year to get ourselves checked out. We know it is better to find a potential problem and face it head on before it becomes a really big problem. We fix what needs to be corrected before something major fails us.  It is just as important to get a roof inspection. Don’t let time surprise you, don’t be caught of guard, call Incore Restoration Group to inspect any and all your properties’ roofs in Canton, Michigan.

 Roof Inspection Benefits

  • Your roof is the first line of defense from rain and the Michigan weather.
  • Roof material contracts in Canton’s winters and expands during Wayne County’s heat-waves.
  • They can and do wear out!
  • It is always better to fix a tiny problem before it becomes an expensive major problem.
  • Peace of mind is also important, for when there is no problem at all, we will tell you.
  • Some insurance policies require regular roof inspections anyway, so get the right guys on it.

Why Incore?

The best reason to call Incore Restoration Group is–well—for peace of mind. You might not need a new roof. You might not even need the common repairs that some of the older roofs of Canton, MI need. Your roof, like your health, might be in great condition. So trust the experts to check at least twice a year so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Call Incore Restoration Group for all your roof inspection service needs. Call 866-685-0009 to schedule your free, no-obligation roof inspection.