Roof Coating Canton, MI

Alligatoring, blistering, and ponding water, are all different defects that let you know when your industrial or commercial roofing unit is starting to fail. Roof surfaces expand during those rare Canton, Michigan heat-waves, and shrinkage happens during those ice-cold Wayne County winters. Cracks might form, causing your commercial roofing substrate to look like the roughen skin of an alligator. Sometimes pockets of air can become trapped between the roof deck and the membrane, causing blistering. During seasons with excessive rain, if your roof is not properly sloped, water will not drain properly, causing ponding issues.  These are just a few of the signs that mean it’s time to trust your roof to the professionals at Incore Restoration Group, when you give us a call at 866-685-0009, you can be certain your roof will get taken care of properly right away and any issues will be caught and resolved so that you can once again trust in your roof.

To find out if a roof coating is an option for your Canton, Michigan property, call us today!

Canton, MI Utilities.

Having a roofing contractor apply a new roof coating to your commercial building is a great way to save on utilities. Especially if your old roof is beginning to deteriorate. I might be time for professional help.  Did you know that roof coatings can lower your annual energy usage by up to 30%?  That’s just one of the many reasons so many business owners are choosing restoration over replacement.

Is Roof Coating The Right Choice?

  • Are you losing energy through your dark, non-reflective roof?
  • Are you seeing discoloration or deformities?
  • Has too much time past since you’ve had your roof inspected last?
  • Is there excessive noise on windy days, coming from the ceiling?
  • When was the last time you had your commercial roofing unit replaced?

After considering these questions, if you feel it’s time for an expert opinion, call Incore Restoration Group. You can reach us at 866-685-0009. We will come and inspect your roofing substrate and determine if a roof coating is a viable option for your specific needs.  If after inspection, we find that your roof is not worth investing in, we will let you know all of your excellent roof replacement options and will make sure your new roof gets installed flawlessly.  Our replacement options are also energy efficient!  Let’s work together to get your Canton, Michigan property back on the right track.  Call 866-685-0009 today!