Quality Roof Coating – Taylor, MI


A roof coating is one of the best ways of getting a commercial roof restored and one that’s gaining popularity by the day. Your commercial roof is a substantial investment on your part and for it to complete its intended lifetime, you must take effective restoration measures and a flawlessly installed roof coating is one such measure. If your commercial building is located in Taylor, MI, you can count on the reputable roofers of Incore Restoration Group to provide you all forms of roofing services, including a top-quality roof coating. Contact us at (866) 685-0009 and breathe easy knowing that with the help of our roofing technicians your roof will be all set to bear the testing climate of Michigan!

Is A Roof Coating Worth It?


By adding a few extra layers atop your commercial roof, a roof coating enhances the protection of your business premises against all sorts of weather extremities, thereby, playing a vital role in its longevity. Furthermore, since roof coatings are generally reflective in nature, they make your building more energy-efficient, thus, reducing your utility bills.

Another advantage that roof coatings feature, which is often overlooked, is that with them covering your roof’s surface, you would save on all the money that you would have to otherwise spend on repairing issues, such as leaks, cracked or torn membranes, and pooling water, etc. There are many more benefits that a roof coating brings to the table; give us a call to learn more!

Solutions That Work for You!

Roof maintenance projects such as roof coatings can burden you both mentally and financially. However, with the skilled roofers of Incore Restoration Group at your service, you’ve got nothing to worry about. All our services, including roof coatings, come at fair prices and we carry them out as efficiently as possible so that the disturbance to your commercial premises can be minimized. Long story short, all our solutions are customized according to your best interests!

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If you’re doubtful about the condition of the roof sitting atop your commercial building in Taylor, MI, reach out to the reliable roofers of Incore Restoration Group at (866) 685-0009 for a thorough roof inspection. If according to their findings, a roof coating turns out to be the most beneficial solution, they will make sure that it is installed in a hassle-free way.