Our Expert Fire Restoration Services

Has your building sustained fire damage? If so, you need to partner with a team of fire restoration experts, like the crew at Incore in Rochester Hills, MI. Choosing the right contractor will ensure you receive the solutions you need. To get started, call us today at 866-685-0009!


Fires can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, lightning can strike your building and start a spark. In addition, an electrical fire can happen at any time and cause severe damage to your building, as well as any people and belongings inside.

Fires are dangerous, since they can spread easily and quickly spiral out of control. The most important thing you can do in these situations is to protect yourself and those around you. Call emergency services for help. If the fire is small enough, you can use a fire extinguisher.

Once the fire has been put out and there is no more danger, you should quickly contact our team. We will schedule an inspection and assess the situation. Based on our findings, we’ll be able to develop a clear plan of action to restore your building.

Restoration Process

Our goal is to restore your building to optimal condition after disaster has struck. We will begin working as soon as we can.

After our initial inspection, the first thing we will do is clear the building. We will remove everything that is inside, separating the debris from those items that can still be salvaged. We’ll make sure to keep these piles separated to be as efficient as possible.

Once we have completed this step, we will begin restoring your building. We will work as efficiently and quickly as we can. However, we will not sacrifice quality. Our team aims to follow the industry’s best practices and your local building codes. We want to ensure you and your building are protected in the future.

When we have finished, we will clean the area and allow you to begin using the space again.

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If a fire has affected your building, you need to partner with a trusted contractor who can provide top-notch fire restoration services. Thankfully, the team at Incore in Rochester Hills, MI, is here to help. Call us today at 866-685-0009 to get started!