Mold Removal Taylor, MI

Incore Restoration Group takes care of all kinds of damaging and intrusive forces, including storms, fire, and mold. Many people are unaware that mold can cause costly damage to property and can also pose a health risk for people breathing in its vicinity. If you see signs of mold, call us at 866-685-0009 for expert mold removal services. We’re simply the top option for the people of Taylor, MI!

Fast Disaster Response

Incore Restoration Group is the team that the people of Southeast Michigan call when a disaster strikes. Disasters include fires, fallen trees, burst pipes, and more. It doesn’t matter the kind of restoration needed, our experienced team has you covered. Our 24 hour disaster response team gets out to people quickly to clean up the situation and mitigate the damage!

Cleaning Services

Incore Restoration Group does a lot more than just remove the mold. We also offer water extraction, deodorization, dehumidification, and more. In other words, we’ll have your home or business as good as new again. Plus, we’ll sort out what the cause of the mold was so that we can prevent it from returning!

Getting Your Property Back To Its Pre-Loss Condition!

When our team is hired to do a project, our goal is always to get our clients’ property back to its former condition. Whether your building has been damaged by water, fire, a fallen tree, or mold, we’ll take the necessary steps to get the situation under control and restore your building. Our team is qualified for all kinds of general contracting services, including mold remediation, electrical repairs, masonry, and much more!

Why Incore?

The quality of the mold specialists that you elect to deal with your mold problem can make a big difference. With Incore Restoration Group, your mold issue will be permanently resolved. This will lead to plenty of saved time and money on your commercial building, so choose our experienced team from the start!

Call Us Today!

For fast, efficient, and affordable mold removal services, call Incore Restoration Group at 866-685-0009. We are excited to help out more people in Taylor, MI deal with mold problems. We’ll be able to run through the possible solutions with you and give you a free estimate on the project!