Mold Removal, Ann Arbor, MI

Mold Removal1

If you live in Ann Arbor, MI, or any of the surrounding communities, then you know that high humidity is not uncommon to our area. Neither are harsh summer storms. Unfortunately, both of those conditions have one thing in common – they can contribute to creating the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

If you have or suspect you may have mold growing in your roof or elsewhere in your commercial building structure, don’t delay – call the experts at Incore Restoration Group today. Mold is a significant health hazard that should be dealt with immediately. The team at Incore Restoration Group Incore is IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)-certified, with experience in water restoration, applied structural drying, and applied microbial remediation. Call us today at (866) 685-0009 to see how we can help you with your mold removal needs right away.

Mold Removal Process

At Incore Restoration Group, we follow a standard procedure in every mold removal project we undertake.

  1. Locate and diagnose mold growth. By the time a client sees mold or suspects something, it’s usually a bigger problem than what’s visible. Mold can invade walls and attics for a long time before being discovered. Our job as mold removal experts is to detect every single patch and spore and diagnose the class of mold (from benign to potential for serious health hazard), as well as the best method for remediation.

We also locate the contributing factors – be it poor ventilation or leaks – and suggest appropriate repairs to treat the source of the problem.

  1. Document. If your mold problem warrants insurance coverage, we take care to put together a comprehensive report, including photos, written descriptions, and more. This can be invaluable when filing insurance claims or dealing with warranties.
  1. Mold removal. Our goal during any mold removal job is to remove it as completely and quickly as possible, while exposing others to it as little as possible. We begin by repairing the source of the problem first, whether it be a leaky roof or poor air circulation. We then close off the areas contaminated by mold to isolate the spores to the affected areas. We remove the damaged materials and properly dispose of them, then clean the entire area before finally repairing and replacing the necessary structures.

The Incore Difference

At Incore Restoration Group, we pride ourselves on adhering to a high standard of principles. We believe we are successful because we refuse to compromise quality. We operate under the following values:

  • Safety – Every Incore employee is provided gear and tools to protect them from the potentially harmful effects of mold. Likewise, we take great care to educate building tenants or employees about the situation and remove them from harm’s way.
  • Assessment – We provide inspections and comprehensive reports at the beginning and end of every project.
  • Control – We are aware of the potential for cross-contamination during repair work and take every precaution to avoid spreading mold while we work.
  • Thoroughness – Our licensed, trained professionals keep up-to-date on the latest mold remediation and removal techniques to properly take care of your mold problem. In addition to removing mold, Incore Restoration Group offers maintenance services to ensure that going forward, your building never develops any mold associated with roof leaks or blocked gutters.

Incore Restoration Group is the premier mold removal company for residents, building owners, and property managers in and around Ann Arbor, MI. Call us today at (866) 685-0009 and let us take care of your mold problem – seen and unseen.