Mold Remediation Ypsilanti, MI

Have a mold problem in Ypsilanti, MI? Incore Restoration Group is a dependable disaster response company offering mold remediation and a lot more! No matter the problem, we’ll sort out the best solution. Just call (855) 472-4932 for quick help with your mold problems!

About Mold Remediation

Mold can create a nasty mess. It can get into carpets, drywall, and other areas that make it hard to get rid of. The mold experts at Incore Restoration Group have had a lot of success saving property and personal items from permanent mold damage. We extract water, deodorize, disinfect, and dehumidify areas.

We’ll need to find the cause of your mold issue. In some cases, the cause is very obvious, and in other cases, it takes a bit of investigation to determine the cause. That’s what Incore Restoration Group is here for! We’ll pinpoint the reason why mold has developed, and then find a way to eliminate the root cause. This could be by improving the ventilation of an area, or extracting water.

Disaster Restoration Experts

There are many types of disasters, and mold can certainly be classified as one when it gets too bad. Aside from property damage, mold is also a potential risk for those breathing in proximity of it. Incore Restoration Group also provides disaster restoration services for fire, water damage, fallen trees, storm damage, and more!

Why Incore?

There are a lot of things to like about Incore Restoration Group. First of all, we have an extensive track record with hundreds of positive customer testimonials to back our name. Incore Restoration Group is also ready 24/7 to provide disaster response services.

With Incore Restoration Group, your property will be in the hands of seasoned disaster response experts. We offer superb customer service and will make getting what you are due from your insurance as easy as possible. Our crew members look forward to continuing to be the ones that the people of Southeast Michigan call after a disaster!

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Hoping to find mold remediation experts that are reliable, affordable, and experienced? If you are in Ypsilanti, MI, Incore Restoration Group is the number one choice. We’ll deal with your mold issue soon after you call us at (855) 472-4932!