Mold Remediation Southfield, MI

Incore Restoration Group takes on a lot of different kinds of restoration and repair projects in Southfield, MI. Mold is a common problem in both commercial and residential buildings. Our craftsmen are experienced in mold remediation. Get a free quote on the project today by reaching out to us at (866) 685-0009.

The Dangers Of Mold

Mold can be caused by a roof leak, leaking pipe, poor ventilation, and more. Whether your building has mold on the roof or within the building, you should hire an expert to get rid of it as soon as possible. Mold is caused by excessive moisture and the mold itself holds a significant amount of water. This means that anything with mold on it can begin to rot, stain, or leak water.

Aside from damaging your property, mold also poses a health risk to people within a building. This is because some kinds of mold can be potentially harmful for people to breath around. It can produce irritants and allergens and the odor in general can make it unpleasant to be close to. Incore Restoration Group will remove any mold and figure out the reason why it was there in the first place. This way, we can take measures to prevent it from forming.

With Incore Restoration Group ridding your building of mold, all of it will be removed thoroughly. We help clients with their insurance claims and make sure that they receive the appropriate coverage. We are available for emergency services around the clock. We’ll begin by inspecting your building and assessing the situation.

Other Services

We’re a leading disaster response company with years of service records in Michigan. Mold is a type of disaster that can develop slowly in a building. However, a lot of the disasters that we work on happen in the blink of an eye. This includes fallen trees, fires, floods, and much more. We offer 24-hour disaster repairs and restoration services.

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The mold remediation services from Incore Restoration Group are the best around. We help clients in Southfield, MI save time and money on their building. Get in touch with us today at (866) 685-0009 to get a free estimate on this service.