Mold Remediation Redford, MI

Incore Restoration Group offers services to combat all types of disasters. This includes mold! If you have a commercial building in Redford, MI with a mold problem, give our team a call at 866-685-0009. We offer top quality mold remediation services and will have your commercial building spotless once again!

Mold Dangers

There are a lot of reasons that should motivate you to deal with your mold issue as soon as possible. First of all, mold can damage property. It holds moisture in which can cause rot, stains, and other issues. Certain kinds of mold can also be dangerous for people. Whenever you see the presence of mold, the sooner it is dealt with the better.

What Causes Mold?

Mold can be caused by a number of things. Shady areas, poor ventilation, or a leak in your building are common causes. Mold is a result of excess moisture. If you have a mold problem, removal is not necessarily enough. Instead, the source of the issue must be deal with if you would like your mold problem to go away for good.

The expert team at Incore Restoration Group will not only deal with the existing mold, but they will also take measures to prevent the mold from returning. We’ll keep your building and roof in top condition. You can depend on the Incore team to make the process as smooth as possible— we even help with insurance claims!

Other Services

Incore Restoration Group is a company that you can depend on for many different types of services! From roofing services to disaster response solutions, we’re always just a phone call away from getting your building the help it needs. If you are in Southeast Michigan, reach out to our experienced team for repairs and restorations from water damage, fires, fallen trees, and much more!

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When your building needs a bit of mold remediation in Redford, MI, you can give the mold experts at Incore Restoration Group a call at 866-685-0009. Our team can be over to your property soon after you call to get started on the project. We look forward to eliminating mold problems for more people in Southeast Michigan!