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If your roof needs a flat roof replacement, finding a reliable commercial roofing contractor is more important than ever. Incore Restoration Group has clients in Livonia, MI covered with high-quality flat roof replacements and other services. For a free project quote, you can reach us at (866)-685-0009.

About Incore

Our main priority at Incore is to continue to provide world-class roofing services. This will help keep up our strong reputation in the area. Since we are fully committed to staying in business for the foreseeable future, we depend on the trust of local clients. That’s why you will never find us sacrificing the quality of our work for an easier payday like a lot of other contractors out there.

Our Flat Roof Replacement Services


Our experienced roofing specialists are thorough, careful, and qualified to work on all sorts of roofs. Even when it comes to just flat roofs, there are so many different types out there. With years of experience and professional training, you can rely on the roofers at Incore to properly replace your flat roof, no matter which type of flat roof you go with.

There is no getting around the cost of all of the new materials that go into new roof installation. When people hear their roof needs replacing, the price of a replacement is usually the first thing on their minds. However, at Incore Restoration Group we can promise competitive prices. Even better than that, though, is the fact that your new flat roof will be installed flawlessly when you hire our roofing specialists for the job. This means a longer-lasting roof and fewer roof issues in the future.

Roof Restoration

In many situations, roof restoration is the way to go. We’ll inspect your roof for you and let you know what we think is best after we consider its condition. If a roof coating seems appropriate, we can get you another 10+ years out of your roof. This way, you’ll be able to hold off on replacing it for quite some time.

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Incore Restoration Group helps the people of Livonia, MI with many kinds of cost-effective roofing services. For a flawless flat roof replacement, give us a call at (866)-685-0009. We also offer flat roof repairs, roof coatings, and much more.