Flat Roof Replacement – Dearborn, MI


If a flat roof replacement is looming, there are many options to choose from when replacing your flat roof. The experts at Incore Restoration Group can evaluate your building, location, and unique situation to help guide you to the best option for your new roof. We work to help your roof in Dearborn, MI succeed and choosing the best for your needs is one way to make that happen! Some of your quality options include:

1) PVC: PVC is a strong, durable, single-ply roofing system that is welded together with hot air. It’s very resistant to ultraviolet light and chemicals.

2) EPDM or Rubber: Rubber roofs are another popular single-ply choice for flat roofs – they’re durable and extremely cost effective.

3) TPO: This single-ply system lands somewhere between PVC and EPDM. It’s extremely energy efficient and about as durable as PVC.

4) Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen is a mix of asphalt and fabric layers like fiberglass. It’s a very durable, weather-resistant roofing system, with torch-welded seams.

5) Built-Up (BUR): Built-up consists of layers of tar and gravel. It’s heavy, but effective.

6) Metal: Metal is a beautiful option for flat roofs, with a proven track record of longevity. Newer metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be coated for added resistance to hail and rust.

Do You Need a Flat Roof Replacement?


Determining when to continue with repairs versus when to replace your commercial flat roof can be a tough call to make. At Incore Restoration Group, we strive to ease the stress associated with that decision by helping you evaluate your roof so you can make an informed choice.

All roofs will need repair at one point or another, but a professional roofer can inspect your roof and accurately diagnose its issues. If your roof has adequate insulation and the membrane is still performing well and under warranty, repair is probably the way to go. However, any of the following issues may indicate it’s time to replace:

  • Alligatoring: If your roof is exhibiting a network of splits and cracks across the membrane, even widespread repairs might not be enough, and you should consider a roof replacement.
  • Separated roof panels: If your flat roof membrane is made of fastened or welded together seams, they have a tendency to come apart over time.
  • Widespread damage: If more than 25% of your roof needs to be repaired, it might be better to replace.
  • Damaged insulation: If moisture has soaked through and damaged the roof system’s insulation layer, the best option is to remove the roof and replace the insulation and membrane.
  • Age: If your commercial flat roof has exceeded its service life and is no longer under warranty or able to warranty, it can become a money pit as issues pop up.

Superior Roof Replacement Customer Service

At Incore Restoration Group, we don’t just offer the best workmanship with premium products – we also work hard to provide the best customer experience during roof replacement projects. Here are just a few of the ways we try to make your flat roof replacement go smoothly:

  • 1-day installation: In many cases, we can install your new roof in 24 hours or less, so you can get back to business as usual!
  • Project financing: Incore offers project financing, to ease the financial burden of replacing your flat roof.
  • Customer communication: Incore keeps a project manager on-site during roof replacement jobs, to keep you abreast of all project progress and any changes.

Having a roofer you can trust to help you make the decision to repair or replace your flat roof can put your mind at ease and save you money. Contact Incore Restoration Group today at (866) 685-0009 to get started. Trust your flat roof replacement to Incore and know your roof in Dearborn, MI will be set up for long term success!