Fire Restoration – Troy, MI

Incore Restoration Group is made up of a team of disaster response contractors and roofing specialists who can always be counted on for high-quality work. In the aftermath of a fire, give us a call at (866) 685-0009. We do fire restoration and much more for clients in Troy, MI.

Fire Restoration Experts

A fire can quickly devastate a home or commercial building. However, when you hire Incore Restoration Group, the losses will be as minimal as possible. We work hard to restore homes and businesses to the best of our ability. In many cases, we can bring your property all the way back to its former condition.

Smoke & Ash Damage Restoration

Not only does the fire itself cause significant damage, but also the smoke and ash that comes with it. These things travel and can mark up and damage possessions throughout a home or building. When you choose Incore Restoration Group for the job, you’ll get help from experienced fire restoration specialists. Not only will we ensure that the damage stops spreading, but we will also reverse the damage that has already occurred.

24/7 Emergency Disaster Response

Incore Restoration Group is ready at all times to help clients in Southeast Michigan. There is no telling when something like a fire is going to strike. The sooner you call to get our disaster response experts on the job, the better. Whatever happens during first few hours after a fire hits is crucial.

Other Services

Aside from fire restoration, Incore Restoration Group also takes on several other kinds of projects. This includes water restoration, water removal, mold removal, storm damage repairs, and fallen tree removal. Plus, our company takes on a full list of roofing projects for both commercial and residential clients.

Call Us Today!

When fires occur in Troy, MI, people can count on the reliable team at Incore Restoration Group. The quicker you call us, the more we will be able to fix up your property. For fire restoration or any other type of disaster response service, give us a call at (866) 685-0009. We’ll send our disaster response specialists over to your home or building soon after you call.