Fire Restoration Services – Troy, MI

Fire can cause significant damage to your commercial property. Your roof is often one of the most affected areas. Even if the fire has not directly impacted your roof, the high temperatures and smoke can weaken the roofing material and compromise its structural integrity, leading to leaks and cracks. Contact Incore in Troy, MI, immediately in case of fire damage. Call us today at 866-685-0009 to learn about our fire restoration services!

Act Quickly

Once the fire is extinguished and it’s safe to enter the building, contact a professional roofing company that specializes in fire damage restoration. Time is of the essence! The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage can become, and the more expensive and time-consuming the repair process can be.

Our crew will thoroughly check the roof and determine the extent of the damage. They will inspect the roof for cracks, holes, blistering, discoloration, or any other sign of damage. They will also examine the gutters, downspouts, flashing, and other roofing system components that may have been damaged by the fire.

Fire Restoration Strategies

Once our crew has identified the damage, we will develop a restoration plan tailored to your specific needs and budget. The plan may include several strategies:


If your roof’s damage is minor, then repairs may be the solution for you. Our team can repair any holes, replace damaged shingles, tiles, or panels, and reinforce specific areas with new materials.


If the damage is extensive, then we may suggest a restoration. We will clean the roof thoroughly to remove any debris or soot, add a protective coating to the roof’s surface, and reinforce the roof’s structure with extra layers of insulation, waterproofing, or fire-resistant material.


If the damage is significant enough, we may recommend a complete replacement. If the fire has affected the structural integrity of your roof, then this may be the right option for you.

Why Choose Us

Working with a professional roofing company for your fire restoration needs has several benefits:

  • A faster and more effective restoration process
  • Proper equipment and tools for cleaning, repairing, and replacing the roof
  • Expertise in identifying damage
  • Use of high-quality materials and products that can enhance the roof’s performance and durability

Contact Us

Restoring your commercial roof after a fire is challenging. This is why you should contact the experts at Incore in Troy, MI! When fire damages your building, you need to act fast. Call us today at 866-685-0009 for more information.