Disaster Restoration – Dearborn, MI

Disaster Restoration1

Disasters can strike at any time. Luckily, Incore Restoration Group is available 24/7 for clients in Dearborn, MI and other parts of Southeast Michigan. We handle all types of disaster restoration services, whether it’s storm, water, fire, or tree damage. You can reach us around the clock at (866)-685-0009.

Emergency Disaster Restoration

No other emergency restoration contractor gets on the scene quicker than Incore. That’s why we should be your first call when disaster hits your home or building. It doesn’t matter what time it is — our team will rush over to stabilize the situation and reinforce the structure to stop the damage from spreading. From there, our team will clean up debris and start the content restoration process.

Disaster Restoration2

It’s been shown that the first 24 hours after a disaster are by far the most important when it comes to protecting your home or building and the belongings within. Make sure to always have our number on hand so that your structure and possessions have the best chance of being restored. We’ll record all the necessary information throughout the process to give to your insurance company and therefore protect you financially.

Storm Damage Restoration

Mother Nature can be both unpredictable and unforgiving. From just one storm your home or building can experience a world of damage, whether it be from trees, floods, etc. At Incore, we provide restoration services for all storm-related damage. We take efficient steps to limit the damage as much as possible and secure your property quickly.

Fire Damage Restoration

When it comes to fire damage, it’s not just the flames you need to worry about. Smoke and ash can do a number on your possessions. At Incore, our team has years of experience in restoring buildings, homes, and belongings that have been damaged by fire, smoke, and/or ash. So long as you call us as soon as possible, there will be a real good chance for your property to be fully restored, even when the damage seems irreversible.

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Listed above are just some of our many disaster restoration services. We also provide asbestos removal, plumbing repairs, mold remediation, roof reconstruction, and more for clients in Dearborn, MI. When emergencies happen, call Incore Restoration Group at (866)-685-0009. Our trained and certified professionals are ready to restore your property and bring you a little peace of mind amidst the chaos disasters bring.