Disaster Repair Livonia, MI

When the unfortunate disaster strikes, Incore Restoration Group is there for the people of Livonia, MI. Whether that disaster has come in the form of a flood, fire, fallen tree, etc., we have you covered. For a timely disaster repair, call us at (866)-685-0009. We will be over as soon as we can to secure the environment and prevent more damage from spreading.

Emergency Response

We wouldn’t be a very effective disaster restoration company if we weren’t ready around the clock. That’s why Incore Restoration Group will respond to any emergency 24/7. Some disasters just can’t be predicted. When it comes to the condition of your home/building, the most important time after a disaster hits are the hours that immediately follow. It is during these hours the Incore team knows exactly what to do.

Our guys stay calm in the face of a disaster. We’ll take steps in the optimal order to give you the best chance of getting your structure and possessions back to the way they were. We offer both disaster repairs and restoration for the people of Michigan. Even though things may be frantic when you call, our calm and collected crew will make sure to record all of the damage so that you will be fully covered when it comes time to talk with your insurance company.

Why Go With Incore?

For one, Incore Restoration Group offers a full range of services. This means that when we come by to help after a disaster, there won’t be things that hold us up. You never know what a job is going to require. We do everything, including carpet drying, asbestos removal, sewer backup, electrical repairs, and much more.

Incore has proven to be the best choice for people in Southeast Michigan. We pride ourselves on being the ones that people can count on in an emergency. We take quick yet thorough overviews of each situation so that we can get right on the repair/restoration process.

Call Us Today!

To get your home or building back to its pre-disaster condition, call Incore Restoration Group at (866)-685-0009. We’re the top choice for those in Livonia, MI who are in need of a disaster repair. The sooner you call after a disaster, the better we’ll be able to help.