Commercial Roofing Services Troy, MI

Incore Restoration Group provides many types of commercial roofing services to clients in Troy, MI. Our roofing specialists take on roofing projects of all types and sizes. You can call us today at (866) 685-0009 to get a free quote on your roof.

Roof Inspections & Repairs

Getting roof inspections yearly is one of the best ways to maintain your roof’s condition. No one wants to have to pay for a new roof every 10-20 years and with Incore Restoration Group inspecting your roof regularly, you won’t have to. These roof inspections allow us to catch problems early on when they are still easily fixable. This makes for a longer-lasting roof and less expensive repairs.

We will take a thorough look at your roof and pay close attention to its seams, flashing, and other areas that commonly cause leaks. Our roofing specialists have been in this industry for many years now. We are confident that there is no roof issue that we cannot locate and resolve. Incore Restoration Group customizes roof maintenance plans for clients in Southeast Michigan.

Roof Restoration

Restoring your roof when possible is a wise choice. You’re better off trying to get as many years as possible out of your roof by maintaining and restoring its condition. Incore Restoration Group applies roof coatings to many types of commercial roofs. With one of these seamless and thin roof coatings protecting your roof, you won’t need to worry about leaks for quite some time.

Roof Replacements

New roof installation is not something that you should trust with an inexperienced roofing company. Incore Restoration Group has proven to install long-lasting roofs without making any costly mistakes. You can hire us for an affordable and high-quality commercial roof replacement.

Call Us Today!

Incore Restoration Group does it all when it comes to commercial roofing. We know how to keep roofs in prime condition through effective roof inspections, repairs, and roof maintenance. We also restore roofs using roof coatings and, when your roof requires replacing, we’ll be able to give you a free estimate. To learn more about our commercial roofing services, call our team today at (866) 685-0009.