Commercial Roofing Services Taylor, MI

Struggling to find a roofing contractor that offers cost-effective commercial roofing services in Taylor, MI? Incore Restoration Group has a team of honest and dedicated commercial roofing specialists that always provide high-quality craftsmanship. Getting a free project estimate is easy — just reach out to us today at 866-685-0009.

Roof Coatings

There are a lot of things that can be done to get more value out of a commercial roof. Certainly, getting a roof coating applied to a roof at the appropriate time is one of the most effective ways to extend the lifespan of a commercial roof. Moreover, Incore Restoration Group restores roofs to make commercial buildings more energy efficient.

Leak Detection

Roof leak detection is where a lot of roofing companies go wrong during a roof repair. Finding roof leaks on commercial roofs is one of the the things that the roofing technicians at Incore Restoration do best. Before we begin fixing your commercial roof, we’ll first make sure that we have found any and all roof issues so that they can all be resolved by the time we are finished.

Roof Replacements

When you need a new roof, you have to be able to trust the commercial roofing company that you are hiring to provide the roof replacement. Incore Restoration Group holds a fantastic reputation in Southeast Michigan and has an excellent track record with commercial roofing projects. You can always depend on our roofing technicians for high-level craftsmanship and timely project completion.

24-Hour Disaster Response

When a roof takes damage from a storm, fallen tree, or fire, it’s essential that it is fixed up as soon as possible. By waiting, the repairs and restoration can become more difficult. Plus, damage can accumulate when a roof is left vulnerable. Call the team at Incore Restoration Group anytime day or night to get your roof the help it needs after it has been struck by a disaster.

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