Commercial Roofing Contractor Dearborn, MI

Having the number of a reliable commercial roofing contractor can save a building owner thousands of dollars and a whole lot of time. Incore Restoration Group employs the top commercial roofing contractors across Southeast Michigan. Our professional roofing technicians can properly repair, restore, and replace the commercial roofs of clients in Dearborn, MI. Give us a call at  (866)-685-0009 for a free onsite estimate.

Why Choose Incore?

As a full-service roofing company, Incore Restoration Group will be there for you regardless of which type of service your roof is in need of. We enjoy helping clients save money on their roof by giving them honest advice and offering cost-effective services.

Incore specializes in roof restoration. By restoring your existing roof, you’re saving a lot of material from being wasted. You’re also saving a significant amount of money as you get many more years out of your existing roof. Roof restoration services are less disruptive and far cheaper than full roof replacements. An Incore roof coating will have your old roof watertight for years longer all the while helping to make your building more energy-efficient.

A Multitude Of Services

Incore Restoration Group handles jobs of all sizes. From small repairs to flat roof replacements, our team members are knowledgable in all aspects of the commercial roofing industry. We inspect, install, repair, and restore a variety of roof types. This includes EPDM, TPO, metal roofs, and more! No matter what kind of commercial roof you have or what kind of service you require, the team at Incore has you covered.


Quality communication is one of the things that Incore is best known for. We think it’s important to be on the same page with clients throughout the roofing process which is why we make it a point to provide top customer care. With Incore, you can expect expert workmanship and solid communication.

Call Us Today!

Incore Restoration Group has a team of experienced commercial roofing contractors providing services to clients in Dearborn, MI. We offer no-obligation estimates and advice to clients on the initial meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (866)-685-0009. We’ll be able to recommend the most cost-effective service(s) for your specific roof. Hire a contractor you can trust!