Commercial Roofing Companies Dearborn, MI

Incore Restoration Group is a premier commercial roofing company providing a variety of cost-effective services. We’re the go-to company for clients in Dearborn, MI. For a free onsite roof evaluation, call us today at (866)-685-0009. Knowing you’re getting the best of the best for commercial roofing companies in the area won’t be a question when you call on us!

Roof Leak Prevention

To get the most out of your roof and to protect the interior of your building, it’s always better to take preventative measures. Rather than waiting for a leak to show up before calling a commercial roofing company, why not prevent leaks altogether? At Incore, we specialize in roof restoration services that can put the life back into your roof and prevent future leaks from occurring.

We also offer free roof inspections which will help us spot any potential problems and address them before they cause damage. Incore can customize a roof maintenance plan for your commercial roof to ensure that it gets all of the attention it requires. When a roof problem occurs, it’s best to call us as soon as possible to keep the damage to a minimum.

At Incore, we know how to save clients money. People pay for expensive full roof replacements far more often than necessary. The truth is, there are several effective restoration services now on the market than will make your roof last significantly longer. We know how to get the most out of your existing roof, which means saving money!

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

If you’re already going to pay for a new roof, why not choose a roof that will save you money down the road? At Incore, we have a variety of roofing systems that are effective at making a commercial building more energy-efficient. This includes some of our single-ply roofing options, such as TPO.

Meanwhile, our roof coatings will not only restore your roof but also reflect the majority of the sun. This means paying up to 30% less on energy costs related to cooling your building. An environmentally-friendly roofing system is a perk that keeps on giving.

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Clients in Dearborn, MI can rely on us for any of their commercial roofing needs. Incore Restoration Group is a reputable company known for top craftsmanship and solid communication. For a free estimate from one of the leading companies in the area, give us a call at (866)-685-0009.