Understanding How to Repair Roof Damage

As a property owner, your commercial roof is a large investment, so you naturally want it to serve you for years to come. However, your roof is susceptible to damage. Damage is inevitable during your roof’s lifespan, whether it’s due to severe weather or aging. When your roof sustains damage, you need high-quality roof repair […]

Understanding Tree Roof Damage

The roof on your building represents a major financial investment, so you expect it to last for several decades. Unfortunately, your roof is not immune to damage. It can sustain damage due to many different reasons. One of the most common problems that your building could face is tree damage. However, if you are in […]

Understanding Roof Damage

A commercial roof is a large investment for any property owner, so you expect it to protect you and your building for many years. However, you need to remember that your roof is not immune to damage. Due to many reasons, your roof will incur damage during its lifespan. When that happens, you need access […]

Repairing Tree Roof Damage to Your Building

Trees on your property offer several benefits, such as shade, visual appeal, and an improvement in air quality, thanks to their oxygen production. However, trees need special care to keep them healthy and strong. Otherwise, they could cause damage to your building or even the powerlines. When a tree falls on your roof, it can […]

Roof Damage – Rochester Hills, MI

If your roof has sustained damage, it may be hard to determine the best course of action. Thankfully, the team at Incore in Rochester Hills, MI, is here to help! We can repair your roof damage, as well as help you submit your insurance claim. To learn more, call us today at 866-685-0009! Disasters Disaster […]

Tree Roof Damage – Plymouth, MI

Trees can increase your property’s visual appeal as well as its value, but they can also present a hazard to your roof during severe weather, such as rain, heavy winds, or snow. Trees or branches that fall on your roof can cause extensive damage, leading to time-consuming and costly repairs. Thankfully, most insurance policies cover […]

Roof Damage – Plymouth, MI

When your roof has sustained damage, you may be wondering what to do. If your building is in Plymouth, MI, you should contact the skilled team at Incore. We can repair any roof damage you may have. You can count on our experienced team to give you the solutions you need. Call us today at […]

Tree Roof Damage – Farmington Hills, MI

Trees add beauty and value to your property, but they can also pose a risk to your roof during high winds, heavy rain, or snowstorms. Falling branches or trees can cause extensive damage to your roof and home, leading to costly repairs. Fortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage caused by trees. For help with […]

How Inspections Can Help You Avoid Roof Damage

The roof is an important part of any commercial building, since it protects the structure and its occupants. Regular roof care is critical to keeping your commercial roof in good shape, minimizing roof damage, and decreasing the need for costly repairs. If you need a trustworthy roofing contractor in Troy, MI, then call the experts […]